Bentley Continental GT V8

When it comes to high-end automobiles, there exists a surprisingly large group of well-heeled buyers seemingly only too happy to plunk down the vast sums required to buy the most expensive model in a given range. To these shoppers, a loftier price connotes that they are buying the best of the best, all but guaranteeing that they’ll never suffer the indignity of being shown up at the valet stand. And while the notion that what is best is what’s the most expensive is often correct, that isn’t always the case.

Take this splashy Dragon Red Bentley Continental GT V8, for example. On the surface, this new model is just a cut-price coupe with four fewer cylinders and less horsepower, but make no mistake – this is the Thinking Man’s Continental, not the Miser’s.

Of course, word that the British automaker’s latest should cost around 10 percent less than its 12-cylinder counterpart is unlikely to arch any impeccably manicured brows – we’re going to go ahead and assume that the price differential won’t really be of consequence to anyone with the wherewithal to shop for a Bentley. As a result, it will likely take a bit of individuality and pluck to show up at this season’s Keeping Up With The Jones’ Charity Ball in a GT V8.
Your fellow Flying B benefactors will know you’ve opted for the V8 because it’s clearly marked out by an array of red enamel badges, along with subtle trim differences around the grille and lower fascia, along with a pair of charismatic sideways-eight-shaped exhaust pipes surrounded by a dark lower valance. And while Bentley and its Mulliner bespokery will happily customize your new purchase just about any way you want, they will resolutely deflect requests to paint the crimson badges in the dark green of your W12-driving compatriots no matter how much money you offer them, a subtle move to protect the 12-cylinder model’s exclusivity.